It demonstrates that it is a reliable business partner in Turkey for different sectors and service areas related to human resources by its corporate structure which it improves constantly. CRT GROUP which is aware of the enterprises’ sensitivity about selection of personnel provides professional workforce employment of business partners which it serves, at the same time by undertaking the legal responsibilities of the personnel it deployed offers human resources counsel, payroll, periodic and flexible workforce procurement services.

CRT GROUP offers human resources, payroll, selection and placement, training and consultancy services and provides permanent, periodic and flexible workforce apart from the permanent staff for all departments of recently founded or operating companies, factories of all scales and first class hotels which have achieved international success in Tourism sector.

We plan not only today but also tomorrow…

The professional point of view we adopt contributes to our growth by making it possible for us to plan not only present time but also the future. In accordance with our honest and transparent business mentality we act in the manner of being a good business partner, we contribute to the sustainable growth of the enterprises in addition to provide them with qualified workforce. While our quality oriented professional solutions formed by the sum of endeavour, devotion and time based on years of experience makes us successful; we continue to renew ourselves in accordance with the improving circumstances in order to offer the best service.

We employ the right personnel at the right place and time…

We take steps in order to be a good corporate business partner loyal to universal values with our staff who gives priority to respect for individuals and tolerance, cling tight to our commitments, work with all our capacity and strength in order to obtain the best results. The right communication, solution oriented approach, informing, feedback, honesty and quality are our constant principles. Our belief and courage has been the main elements of our entrepreneurship. The criteria such as education, professional knowledge, using time efficiently, being reliable has become the basic factors that the employees pay attention during the selection of personnel at present. CRT GROUP enables the organisations to turn their investments for workforce into benefit by employing qualified personnel who are aware of serving.
Today CRT GROUP is the leader organisation of its sector in its 17th year with its permanent staff over 3000, flexible workforce constitution over 700, powerful brands such as CRTHUMAN and CRT ACADEMY and Employment Guaranteed Tourism and Hospitality Service Staff Certificate of Training Course which it carries out together with Turkish Employment Organisation.